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Since its founding in 1992, the organization has committed more than $500 million in grants and program related investments (PRIs) in a variety of issue areas that improve the quality of life of people – young and old — living in neighborhoods in Milwaukee, rural Wisconsin and abroad.

MICAH is a multi-racial, interfaith organization committed to addressing social justice issues that have an impact on the community and on the members of MICAH congregations. MICAH’s goal is to empower people to act together in pursuit of justice and to organize so that people of many traditions can come together with one voice for justice.

The Northwestern Mutual Foundation mission is to improve the lives of children and families in need through financial support, volunteerism and collaboration with community partners to build stronger communities.

The Dominican Center has partnered with Amani neighborhood residents for more than 20 years, to increase access to quality education, housing and employment.

The Milwaukee County Community Reintegration Center is an honorable organization of committed officers with the integrity to adapt, overcome and achieve. They maintain and ensure a safe and secure environment that consists of correctional programs to rehabilitate and re-introduce our citizens back into the community.

The Milwaukee Strong Neighborhoods Plan prevents tax foreclosures; maintains property to a "good neighbor" standard; revitalizes neighborhoods by selling city properties and generating funds for renovation; and renews our neighborhoods by activating vacant spaces, involving city businesses, and creating job opportunities for city residents.

Take Root Milwaukee is a consortium of over 50 community organizations, neighborhoods groups, HUD-certified housing counseling agencies, Realtors, and lenders working to promote sustainable homeownership in the City of Milwaukee. Take Root Milwaukee members offer free or low-cost services that can help you buy, keep, or fix a home.

The Zilber Family Foundation is a private grantmaking institution dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals, families, and neighborhoods. We work with and support nonprofits and communities to address basic needs and ensure personal safety, increase access to social and economic opportunity, and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods.

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